HealthDental implant through SUS, See how to get it

Dental implant through SUS, See how to get it

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Knowing how to get a dental implant through the SUS could be the way to make your dream of having a beautiful and healthy smile come true. 

One of the obstacles is that the cost of an implant can be very high for some people. 

Many people don't know, but the Unified Health System (SUS) has the Brasil Sorridente program. See here how to get a dental implant through the SUS.

It is possible to take care of your smile free of charge through the Brazilian healthcare system.

For those who are interested, but have many questions about the program, just read on for more information.

Importance of oral health 

A smile is considered a business card, which immediately gives a first impression of care and health.

Therefore, many people have this aspect as a priority when taking care of themselves. 

In addition to being an important health issue, having a beautiful smile and teeth in good condition are issues that greatly improve self-esteem.

For these reasons, a careful smile improves professional performance and also aspects in social relationships and with oneself. 

Therefore, having a healthy mouth makes the simple act of speaking easier, gives you the possibility of eating effectively, as well as distributing smiles.

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Therefore, the government, through SUS, offers free treatments. 

Thus, those who do not have the financial means to undergo treatment in the private network can seek the Unified Health System for this.

One of these free treatments is dental implants, which can be requested without a high financial investment.

Dental implant through SUS – Brasil Sorridente Program 

The program is managed by the Ministry of Health and was launched in the country in 2003.

The Federal Government's need was due to the need for low-income people to take care of their oral health. 

Therefore, the program emerged as a free tool, especially for this population.

Thus, since then, the program has helped a large part of the Brazilian population in the quest to find the perfect smile.

The services that the program offers are requested and used by citizens through the Unified Health System.

There are several service stations. 

These include the Family Health Unit (USF), Mobile Dental Units, Health Posts, hospitals and also Dental Specialty Centers.

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In addition to providing assistance at the program's stations, the Brasil Sorridente project also carries out actions and campaigns in schools across the country.  

Actions and campaigns to prevent cavities, correct brushing and also tooth recovery are common.

In addition to the campaigns, the project also offers free services, such as: free dental braces, surgeries, restorations, extractions, biopsies, dental implants, oral cleaning, etc.

In addition, removal of wisdom teeth, adequate treatment for cavities, exams that detect cancer, diseases and other oral infections.

dental implant through SUS

Dental implant through SUS: how to request it?

The Brasil Sorridente project is available to any and all Brazilians, as it is a program linked to the Unified Health System.

However, citizens with a lower income have priority when requesting and scheduling.

The advantage of the Brasil Sorridente project is that it is nationwide, however, some Brazilian municipalities do not have the necessary conditions to meet the population's demand.

This can happen due to physical infrastructure problems or a lack of qualified professionals to work in the program. 

So, the first thing to do is check if the program is already available in your region. 

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If the program is not yet available, the citizen has the right to receive assistance in the nearest city. 

After this initial step, you just need to go to the health center. It is also necessary to carry an identity document and the SUS card. 

Only then will it be possible to request an appointment with the dentist.

The professional will evaluate the patient and will also monitor the case. This way, only he can indicate the treatment for that specific case. 

Therefore, if the dentist determines that the best treatment option is dental implants, the public health network will be responsible.

Taking care of the patient's referral to surgery. 

It is also this network that will provide guidance through bureaucratic procedures so that the patient can smile happily again.

The SUS is responsible not only for the implant procedure itself. 

He is also responsible for all procedures involved in the treatment, from exams to consultations.

It is important to remember that everything is done completely free of charge.

dental implant through SUS

Can anyone have a dental implant?

There is no restriction when requesting to participate in the Brasil Sorridente program. 

Thus, the program is open to anyone, regardless of gender, age or social class.

But, as already mentioned, the program's target audience is people who are in vulnerable or low-income situations. 

They are the ones who have priority in care. 

When the program was launched, a survey commissioned by the Ministry of Health was released. 

This survey showed that thirteen percent of teenagers have never visited a dentist.

She also revealed that twenty percent of the population in the country had already lost all of their teeth.  

Furthermore, forty-five percent of Brazilians do not have regular access to a toothbrush. 

With the Brasil Sorridente program, millions of Brazilian citizens had the opportunity to take care of their oral health regularly in addition to improving their smile even further.

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