PhotosHow to improve photo quality? Discover 4 excellent applications

How to improve photo quality? Discover 4 excellent applications

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At this point, there's no doubt that creating quality visual content is critical to any marketing strategy, especially your social media tactics. Given this, the question remains: how to improve photo quality?To help you understand more about how to improve photo quality, we prepared today's article on the subject. Want to know more? So follow along now!

How to improve photo quality? Discover 4 applications

Snapseed (Android e iOS)

Snapseed is an ideal app for getting basic image improvements. It has all the classic adjustment tools like “adjust”, “crop” and “shorten”. 

Furthermore, its enhancement tool is one of the best and allows you to improve the details of a photo without creating a pixelated look, as is the case with other image enhancement tools.

What makes Snapseed unique is its “Selective Adjustment” tool. This option allows you to select an area of the photo and adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of that particular area. 

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So, if you want viewers to focus on a specific part of your photo, you can make that area have more vivid colors.

Live Collage (Android e iOS)

Photo collages can be really useful, whether to show a comparison (for example, “before and after”) or to present several photos of the same event or theme. 

Our favorite collage app is Live Collage, also known as Collage Maker, mainly for its wide variety of options.

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This app contains several designs, some classic and some fun, with colorful and interesting backgrounds. Additionally, you can add custom text, with different fonts, colors and sizes.

If you don't have much time, there are also some basic photo editing options within the app where you can do all your edits at once.

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Afterlight (iOS)

Afterlight is a tool with basic functions, but it has everything you need to edit photos.

This app has everything you need to brighten or fix colors – you can control color tones, adjust exposure and brightness, or rotate and align a photo, among other functions. 

In addition, it contains more than 130 filters, including the “Fusion” feature, which allows you to combine tools, filters and textures to create your own style.

Do you like frames? Afterlight has a multitude of different frames you can choose from. And, as if that weren't enough, everyone adapts perfectly to Instagram.

VSCO (Android, iOS e Galaxy Store)

In recent years, VSCO has become a very popular photo editing app for mobile devices. Despite offering a larger set of editing tools than most applications, its main attraction is the filters.

These filters feature a softer, more authentic style that resembles a real photo, compared to the oversaturated styles of many Instagram filters. Would you like to know more about How to improve photo quality? So be sure to follow the other articles on the blog, we have lots of other news for you!

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