FinancialBradesco car auction: everything you need to know!

Bradesco car auction: everything you need to know!

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The dream of having the car of your dreams may be close to being realized with Banco Bradesco's car auction. The institution will auction vehicles and motorcycles and here you can find all the most important information about how you can participate. 

Despite being very traditional and common, Banco Bradesco's vehicle auction, like countless others, is not very publicized and in this sense, those interested in participating and winning their bids may end up having a series of doubts about how to do it.

Banco Bradesco has a series of properties, cars and related properties that are routinely put up for auction following an agreement with their former owners. The vast majority of these assets were financed by the bank or in other cases were given as collateral for financing. As the debt holder was unable to pay it off, the asset was handed over.

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By mutual agreement, the asset is returned or delivered, which, once in the bank's possession, is put up for auction with the aim of trying to reduce losses arising from previously unsuccessful financing. 

This is the type of auction that you can participate in, purchasing vehicles and properties in excellent condition. 

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How does it work and who can participate?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Banco Bradesco's vehicle auctions are carried out online and are only possible through the institution's partners. It is these partners who have the entire structure to place the vehicle or property for sale and it is also these partners who provide the platform so that interested parties can place their bids. 

On partner website platforms, where it is possible to check a list on Bradesco's own website, it is possible, for example, to view the vehicles and place a bid there and follow the auction from start to finish.

Depending on the case and the city, it is possible that the interested party will be able to see the vehicle in the yard in person. But this visit must be agreed between the bank's partner and the person interested in the property. The bid, however, must be made exclusively through the website.

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There are not many rules to participate in the car auction, just be over eighteen years old and have your personal documents in order, with special emphasis on your driver's license, as the vehicle purchased will be transferred to your name. 

There is no consultation with credit protection bodies such as SPC or Serasa, as payment for the vehicle must be made in cash. Bank customers can request another payment condition from their manager. 

How to participate in the car auction?

To participate, simply access the Bradesco website and in the relevant tab check the bank's partners, who carry out the institution's vehicle auction. Once that’s done, just choose which one you like best. 

It is worth highlighting, however, that to make the purchase it is essential that the interested party meets the requirements mentioned above. To bid, you will need to create an account on the partner website, the process is quick and simple. 

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