PhotosApplications to remove photo background

Applications to remove photo background

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In the age of social media, it's very normal for people to want to make their own montages, and you may need to remove the background of an image to do so. Fortunately, there are apps to remove photo background easy to use.

Therefore, to help you understand more about the apps to remove photo background, I prepared today's article on the subject. Interested in finding out more? So follow me now!

Applications to remove photo background


The Google Play Store has been filled with apps that promise to remove the background, but not all of them work with the same simplicity and effectiveness.

With this first option that I chose for you, you will have access to different cropping tools that will allow you to delete what you don't want from an image.

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The tools included in the application range from automatic to manual cutting; being able to apply different levels to polish the results. Perfect to start.

Background Eraser

With the name, anyone can imagine what the application will do: remove unwanted elements from any image.

To do this, it offers us tools that we already know: automatic selector, manual, option to recover changes made and brush to polish the edges of deleted parts.

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Erasing the background doesn't involve much mystery with this app and allows you to remove any unwanted elements from a photo with just one click. Results improve as we apply more patience and detail to the process.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

This is my main recommendation for the task. The problem is that it doesn't just do this, so it can be a complicated app if you just want to remove the background.

Still, it's worth using: the included 'Crop' option is extremely powerful, it's even capable of removing the background of a portrait with one touch if the subject is well contrasted with the background.

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Adobe Photoshop Mix offers manual adjustment, different levels of tool application and can work in layers; allowing you to merge with other photography to your liking.

It's free, although you need to create an Adobe account. It requires some learning, but it's worth trying.


In short, MagiCut is an application that allows you to do the same as others and much more. The cropping method is different, you select the edges of what you want to crop and the app cuts it for you. And surprisingly it works very well.

As we've seen with other automatic apps, it works much better with people than with objects, but it's also an excellent option.

Furthermore, you can also retouch the image, modify contrast, saturation, some color, add filters, crop, rotate, etc. A very complete option, and also without much advertising.

Would you like to know more about the best apps to remove photo background? So be sure to follow the others blog articles, I have lots of other news for you!

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