UtilitiesGas voucher - How to apply and how to know if you are entitled

Gas voucher – How to apply and how to know if you are entitled

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The gas voucher is an aid that has helped many families across the country, families in vulnerable situations. 

Find out here if you are entitled to receive the benefit and how you can obtain and receive it. 

Despite helping many families across the country, many are unaware of the gas voucher program, initially established by the Federal Government. 

The gas voucher is a social aid that aims to guarantee or facilitate the purchase of gas cylinders. 

With the rise in prices, its value ended up suffering many readjustments.

The program came precisely as an aid to guarantee the purchase of cylinders for domestic use for families in vulnerable situations. 

The registration process is extremely simple as it is currently linked to Bolsa Família. 

Here we will bring you the main information about the program and everything you need to know. From what it is, how to register and receive it. 

What is the gas voucher? 

The gas voucher consists of social assistance initially created by the Federal Government. 

It was created with the aim of helping families purchase gas cylinders for domestic use. 

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It is an aid that is fully incorporated into Bolsa Família and as such is intended for families in situations of poverty or equally in extreme poverty.

It is worth mentioning that in 2001 changes were made to the gas voucher. 

Among the most important, the program was completely incorporated into Bolsa Família. It is aimed at families who find it difficult to maintain their family budget. 

Regarding the payment between Bolsa Família and the gas voucher, it is worth highlighting that everyone who receives the Bolsa Família receives the gas voucher. 

One is conditioned to receive the other equally. The Federal Government's idea is that this program be maintained. 

This is because it systematically helps many families who are unable to purchase cylinders. Or those that do end up compromising the budget. 

What is the amount paid? 

All social benefits are adjusted annually. The gas voucher should in theory be every two months, but this rarely happens. 

Currently, the gas voucher benefit offers an additional fifteen reais included in Bolsa Família. 

On top of the value of the Bolsa Família received there is an additional fifteen reais for the gas voucher. 

We know it's just a purchase aid, but it's far from the real value. 

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In some states the value of the cylinder exceeds one hundred and ten reais. 

Despite the lower than ideal value, it still helps in the purchasing process. 

The benefit holder must also be aware of the possibility of changes and new features in the payment. 

The government regularly tends to make adjustments and corrections to the amounts paid. 

Especially in the case of gas, which has undergone major readjustments in recent months. 

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Who is entitled to receive it? 

Your question at this point is who is entitled to receive the benefit, right? Let's go. 

All Bolsa Família beneficiaries are entitled to receive the gas voucher. This is because both benefits are linked, incorporated. 

In addition to being registered with Bolsa Família, it is essential to have an active registration for at least two years. 

Those interested in receiving the voucher must be living in poverty or extreme poverty.

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To do this, you must have an income between seventy-eight reais and one hundred and eighty-eight reais per month. 

To find out the family's per capita income, simply divide the total income by the number of residents in the household. 

Take the sum of all income and divide it by the number of residents in the household. 

This way you will obtain the value of the family's per capita income and will be able to determine whether or not you can receive the benefit. 

How to register for the program? 

At this point you must be wondering how to register to receive the gas voucher, right?

The process is simple and quick, but must be done in person at the Social Assistance Center in your municipality.

To be entitled to receive the gas voucher, it is essential that the interested party is registered with Bolsa Família.

To do this, you will need to register in advance at the Social Assistance Center in your municipality.

In fact, to receive assistance at the municipal Social Assistance Center, check whether assistance for enrolling in Bolsa Família needs to be scheduled. 

After registering with Bolsa Família you will automatically receive the gas voucher. See below how payment is made. 

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How to receive the gas voucher?

As it is fully integrated into Bolsa Família, the gas voucher is paid jointly.

The benefit holder has multiple possibilities for withdrawal.

Among them, it is possible to withdraw the benefit at lottery outlets or Caixa Econômica Federal ATMs. 

Only the benefit holder can withdraw the amount, which can even be done by presenting an identification document. 

However, the ideal is for the holder to have their citizen card on hand. 

Receiving the gas voucher program, as well as Bolsa Família itself, follows a previously determined schedule based on the Nis number. 

In other words, according to the Nis number, payment will occur on a different date. 

It is important to be aware of this to avoid unnecessary trips and trips to withdraw the aid.

Receiving the gas benefit, it is worth highlighting, is done jointly with Bolsa Família, however, it occurs bimonthly. 

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