UtilitiesDigital CRLV - Learn how to download and use the Document

Digital CRLV – Learn how to download and use the Document

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Knowing how to issue the digital CRLV is an excellent opportunity for Brazilian drivers. This is given the practicality it brings. 

This is because the digital document, which has been available since the beginning of 2020, has the same validity as the printed document.

Which for the driver eliminates the need to always have it on hand, inside the vehicle, with the digital CRLV. 

By knowing how to issue the CRLV, Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate, you more than guarantee practicality as well as safety. 

After all, if you are stopped and do not have your document, you could end up being fined. 

By presenting the digital document, you can avoid a fine.

Another important point worth highlighting is that the process for issuing the digital document is extremely easy and you won't need to worry.

The process can even be done from the Detran website, eliminating the need for an app on your smartphone. 

In other words, even if you cannot install applications on your cell phone, you can carry out the CRLV issuance process.

If you prefer apps, don't worry, there are apps for both Android and iOS. 

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Given this initial explanation, let's get to the point, see how to issue your digital CRLV in a few simple steps. 

The process is simpler than you might imagine and only takes a few minutes. 

Digital CRLV: CDT – Digital Traffic Card

The Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate, or CRLV, is an extremely important document.

Fortunately, the digital document has the same weight as the printed, physical document, which brings security to the driver. 

One of the ways to obtain the digital CRLV is through the Digital Traffic Card or CDT application. 

This application can be easily downloaded to your cell phone from your smartphone's application store. 

The CDT app is available for both Android and iOS. 

After downloading, you will need to log in with your Government account. To do this, enter your CPF and registered password. 

If you do not have a Gov account, you will need to register in advance and then return to the application. 

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After logging in, click on CNH and add CNH. 

If your application is not enabled, you will need to authenticate. Authentication will be done through data validation. 

Among the data that can be validated to grant access is your cell phone. 

When opting for phone number validation, you must provide your zip code and the date of issue of your physical card. 

Then perform validation of your phone and facial recognition. Ready, your driver's license will be available.

Now that the driver's license is available, it's time to obtain the digital CRLV. 

digital CRLV

Issuing the digital CRLV with the CDT

After logging into the application, click on Vehicles and then enter the requested information from CRV as well as Renavam. 

In fact, once you have done this, click on include and your digital document will now be available on your smartphone. 

You can either download and save the PDF file or leave it in your CDT application.

In short, it is worth mentioning that if you use the CDT application, you will need an internet connection to access it, which is not always possible. 

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Obtaining the CRLV through the Detran website 

As mentioned previously, you can also obtain your digital CRLV through the Detran website itself. 

The process is equally simple and takes no more than a few minutes. 

Here we will teach you the usual way. You may be prompted for certain commands or additional information. 

This can happen especially due to the state you are in and also the department responsible. 

The process on the Detran website is very similar, what happens is that it is not practical to do it through an application designed for mobile. 

In the case of the website, in the top menu, under User, log in by accessing your Gov account. 

The process is actually similar to that of the application and you must enter your CPF and registered password. 

If you do not have an account, you will need to register in advance, otherwise you will not be able to log in. 

How to create your account

To create your Gov account, the simplest process is by CPF, in which it will be essential to inform your CPF, as well as your full name. 

In addition to these initial data, you will need to confirm that you are not a robot and also agree to the terms of use. 

You will need to enter your email as well as create a password for future logins to the website or application.

After creating your account, you will need to log in again. 

digital CRLV

Digital CRLV via the Detran website

Log in with the account you just created, providing your CPF as well as the previously registered password. 

Click on authorize and then go to the menu and Download CRLV. 

As mentioned previously, according to each state the function can be in a different place. Be careful to locate it. 

Enter the Renavam and CRV data on the page that opens. Also enter the license plate number and click to proceed. 

To download your document, simply click on the CRLV PDF. The download will start automatically. 

In the case of cell phones, you need to pay attention to the directory where the downloads are being saved. On the computer you can choose the location. 

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